Technical Services for the Poultry Industry

Veterinary Support

The Gaydos Technical Services team is proficient in the treatment, evaluation, and diagnosis of poultry disease. GTS provides veterinary support for protein producers or allied suppliers to the poultry market. Farm or production site visits, posting sessions, technical training, processing plant visits, and more.


The GTS team is available to present information at conferences, trainings, or provide technical sales support and technical writing. The team is prepared to speak confidently in many areas of poultry medicine and production to audiences of all experience and education levels. These skills transfer to conferences, training, technical sales support, and technical writing. Additionally, Dr. Gaydos speaks Spanish fluently and is comfortable presenting and working with Spanish speaking employees or in Spanish speaking countries.

Project Planning

The team is experienced with research trial design from live production to laboratory studies. GTS can assist with designing and monitoring research projects and field trials to fit the needs of the poultry producer.


Vision, Mission, Values

Vision: To be world class animal health advisors.

Mission: Improve poultry health, performance, welfare, and food safety by providing technical expertise to poultry producers and their suppliers. 

Core Values

Integrity - We will conduct business fairly and ethically. 

Respect - We acknowledge and honor the dignity of people, animals, and their organizations.

Determination - We strive to be as dedicated to the wellbeing of the flocks we advise as any stakeholder.

Ingenuity - We do our best to provide practical, evidenced based, and unique solutions. 

GTS - An Experienced Team Serving the Poultry Industry



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